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Six Sigma Analytics provides a smart cloud service for Planning and Analysis of Experiments (DOE).

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Advanced Analytical Features covering statistical analysis, predictive modeling, optimization and more.

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Find out what factors influence your business's strategic metrics, and learn how to adjust them.

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Ensure a clearer understanding of your experiments using interactive graphs and reports.

Six Sigma Analytics covers the entire process of data analysis - Planning, Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting and Optimization - for better decision making.

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Make decisions with confidence

Once you've set a goal from your data, you'll see the factors that really influence your results and the math behind the whole analysis. So you can act with greater confidence.

Automated Predictive Analyzes

Automatically reveal what is actually generating positive results for your business and what factors are hurting your indicators.

Results in few clicks

Perform the analysis of your data with a few clicks, and create reports with graphical plots that allow you to describe the results more easily.

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